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Hi there, I am Franziska

Hello, I am Franziska and I work as a freelance artist. I love structures, colours and nature, which is my constant source of inspiration. My paintings are a mirror of my perception of the surroundings.
During my forays through landscapes and gardens, I encounter a vivid variety of colours, structures and patterns, which I translate into abstract painting in my artistic process. I apply and remove layers and marks, add, overpaint and reshape until I reach a point with my painting where it feels right. A point at which the brushstrokes and marks come together to form an inseparable unity.

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Traveling between France and Germany I can’t always take all my painting stuff with me, so I am forced to downsize and go with easy to transport equipment such as watercolors, pencils or chalks. This is good as it forces me to reduce and focus - which always has been difficult for me. Also the experience and impressions provide me with inspiration. #artwork #artpractice #creating #tools #travelling #commutinglife #longdistancemarriage #femaleartist #drawing #colours #reduction #abstract #landscape
Sometimes with all the daily business I leave art for a while. But even if I leave art, I don't really escape it. Suppressing it for a while, it will reappear in another place. #livewithart #abstracts #art #painting #abstractart #drawing
I need to say goodbye to this large scale piece named La Vuelta (1,55m x 1,55m). It will be shipped to a collector tomorrow! I am so thankful that people appreciate my paintings and make them a part of their homes 💕

Love your creative soul