Who I am and what I do

    The love for art has accompanied me throughout my life. In 2017, I decided to dedicate my life to my passion. I completed a guest study at the Glasgow School of Art in Art and Design and completed a Degree in Product Design at the Lucerne School of Design and Art. During my studies I got the chance to develop my unique painting style, working with experienced and recognized artists.

    A little glance at my artistic viewpoint

    My paintings mirror my own impressions of the surrounding world, people and nature. 

    Looking at my surrounding more than just objects I discover a vivid variety of colors, structures and patterns which continuously inspire me to create new abstract compositions. These visual experiences arise from nature or urban spaces and often it is the small, inconspicuous things that gain my interest.

    In my artistic process I convert my visual experience as well as my emotional reaction to it into colour and shape.

    I am completely fascinated by nature, which is a constant source of inspiration for me. I cannot get enough of nature's insatiable wealth of shapes, colours and structures. During walks and hikes, I soak up my impressions and then process them into my colourful paintings. Colours play a big role for me, my paintings live from a cheerful and vivid colour mood and I like to play with complementary contrasts.