Who I am and what I do

    My name is Franziska Ostermeier and I am an artist and designer based in Zurich.

    My love for art and my artistic activities have been part of my life ever since. I studied Art & Design in Scotland and Switzerland and work as a freelancer creating textile patterns and paintings.

    I am absolutely crazy about beautiful textiles, amazing patterns and designs. I love browsing through magazines, the internet, shops or flea markets to get inspired for my own creations. Besides my environment, nature and urban areas serve me as a source of inspiration.

    In addition to creating textile patterns, I love to paint. Both for me go hand in hand, as the starting point for my textile designs always are paintings and drawings.

    A little glance at my artistic viewpoint

    My paintings and designs mirror my own impressions of the surrounding world, people and nature. 

    Looking at my surrounding more than just objects I discover a vivid variety of colors, structures and patterns which continuously inspire me to create new abstract compositions. These visual experiences arise from nature or urban spaces and often it is the small, inconspicuous things that gain my interest.

    In my artistic process I convert my visual experience as well as my emotional reaction to it into colour and shape.